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Planetarium Galaxy Night Light Projector

Planetarium Galaxy Night Light Projector

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Transform your bedroom into a mesmerizing galaxy with our Planetarium Galaxy Night Light Projector. This 360° adjustable star sky night lamp creates an enchanting celestial display, perfect for both children and adults. Whether for relaxation, bedtime stories, or as a unique gift for birthdays, this night light projector is a captivating addition to any space. Explore the wonders of the universe from the comfort of your home with this enchanting and adjustable starry night lamp.




Product Name: Focusing Projector Night Light
Product Model: DT01-1
Power Supply: DC/5V
Maximum Power: 4W
Product Size: 121*120*112mm


Projector Films:
①The Moon Night Sky
②The Deep Cloud Moose
③The Celestial Planet
④The Milky Way Galaxy
⑤The Blackbody Vortex
⑥The Solar System
⑦The Black Hole Vortex


Packing List:
1 x Galaxy Projector Night Lights
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual
6 x Set Films/ 7 x Set Films
6 IN 1 projector has 6 films,     7 IN 1 projector has 7 films.
(Note: One film sheet is already in the reel.)

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